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Harman unveils industry's first edge computing platform

17. Februar 2022, 12:41 Uhr | Irina Hübner
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As the industry's first multi-access edge compute (MEC) platform, Harman Savari MECWAVE enables automotive manufacturers and mobile network operators to deliver ultra-low latency applications and services on edge computing infrastructure.

The edge computing platform provides an out-of-the-box end-to-end solution for virtualized infrastructures and enables smarter, more connected customer experiences. With very low latency, MECWAVE accelerates vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. This includes safety applications such as hazard alerts, as well as other high data traffic applications such as interactive infotainment or video streaming. MECWAVE also extends V2X capabilities to non-V2X road users, such as bicycles, scooters or mobile devices. The platform enables OEMs to deliver connected features to consumers faster and with less effort.

MECWAVE is complemented by two other Harman solutions: Harman Savari StreetWAVE and Harman Savari MobiWAVE. These can be used together or independently to further enhance vehicle communications. In this context, the Harman Savari StreetWAVE Roadside Unit is the hub for vehicle connectivity. It uses wireless technologies such as 5G or CBRS for backhaul and C-V2X technologies to enable communication between infrastructure and various vehicles. The Harman Savari MobiWAVE wireless in-vehicle unit combines existing telematics ECUs with V2X services to reduce traffic-related emergencies through features such as ASD, Here-I-Am, etc.

The Harman-Savari portfolio is designed to help drivers and passengers experience their surroundings in a new way. It offers new possibilities for safety, comfort and entertainment, including the following scenarios:

Weather conditions

Especially in winter, many accidents are due to the weather. Vehicles equipped with MobiWAVE continuously transmit real-time information about the vehicle's location in bad weather. StreetWAVE, which is attached to utility poles on the side of the road or wireless communications infrastructure along the route, receives the data and transmits it to MECWAVE for further processing. MECWAVE then aggregates real-time data from various transmission points, high-resolution map data, local weather conditions and traffic patterns. As a result, drivers receive real-time notifications and alerts to ensure their safety and reduce the risk of weather-related incidents.

Wrong Way Drivers

MobiWAVE-equipped vehicles can receive notifications of potential wrong-way drivers from MECWAVE systems. In turn, they can warn other drivers before an accident occurs. MECWAVE detects anomalies in real time by continuously monitoring the path data received from MobiWAVE devices. Once an anomaly is detected, MECWAVE sends an alert to a larger network of users in the area of potential danger, as well as a warning to the wrong-way driver. These combined technologies can quickly and safely prevent potential traffic accidents.

Particularly vulnerable road users

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable in road traffic. MECWAVE, powered by a 5G cellular connection, can detect the risk of a potential accident, such as a pedestrian entering a crosswalk. When MECWAVE detects a high-risk situation, a notification is sent to both nearby vehicles and the pedestrian's mobile device to warn both parties of the potential collision.

With physical safety and efficiency as top priorities, Harman delivers compelling state-of-the-art mobility experiences. Together or independently, MECWAVE, StreetWAVE and MobiWAVE enable holistic, ready-to-use mobility solutions that will have a tangible impact on the safety of drivers, passengers and the environment.

»With modern technology, we can revolutionize many aspects in the automotive sector. Most importantly, features that improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety,« said Ram Iyer, senior vice president, connectivity, Harman International. »At Harman, we are focused on making cities smarter and establishing secure communication between the car and its environment to meet the growing need for connectivity. With MECWAVE, our HARMAN Savari solutions can provide OEMs, and through them consumers, with meaningful innovations that make life on the road not only more connected and informed, but safer - for everyone.«

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