Happy Birthday embedded world Conference!

21. Juni 2022, 6:00 Uhr | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora
Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora, Chairman Embedded World Conference
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora Chairman of embedded world Conference
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Established in March 2003, the embedded world Conference celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The original concept of a unique combination of an exhibition for engineers and technical management and a world-leading conference anchored at the intersection of applied research and industrial applications has proven extremely successful.

The embedded world is driven by technology as well as applications with a strong focus on system and cross-domain developments.

In the embedded world, we can clearly see three trends that are continuing to define the slogan of this year’s anniversary event:

  • intelligent: One of the predecessor events of the embedded world was dedicated to »Embedded Intelligence«. That was more of a dream at the time, but it has now become reality, a cutting-edge past and a long promising road ahead! And of course, embedded systems also play a major role in the AI technology ecosystem. Along with the increasing autonomy of devices, the consideration of ethical and social aspects will be an important challenge for all of us in the future.
  • connected: Embedded systems are becoming more and more connected. Connectivity is bare necessity for the Internet of Things with its distributed intelligence and functionality. And it is connectivity, that drives technological advances.
  • embedded: Finally, we see a steadily growing use of embedded systems. Embedded vision and embedded radar are just two prominent examples. At the same time, system complexity is increasing, and additional aspects must be considered, ranging from embedded software architectures to hardware-software co-design, safety, and security, RTOS integration and virtualization, value, production, and supply chains, and many more.

With the support of our partners and friends from numerous embedded associations and communities, we thoughtfully prepared the 20th anniversary edition of the embedded world with a clear structure along 10 tracks.

All 64 sessions will not only include the 192 presentations, but also joint Q&A rounds in each session amongst all speakers and the participants.

We will have three first-class keynotes from top notch industry and academic leaders, including:

  • On Tuesday, Dr. Matthias Klauda, Executive Vice President R&D in the newly founded division »Cross Domain Computing Solutions« of Robert Bosch GmbH will report on »Brains and Nerves of Future Mobility – E/E Architectures of the Vehicle and Beyond«.
  • Steve Douglass, Corporate Vice President, Research & Development at Lattice Semiconductor will give his keynote on »Embracing Change: The Mandate for Success in the Next Generation of Embedded Design« on Wednesday.
  • Patricia Shaw from Beyond Reach will concentrate on a very hot topic: »Responsible AI: From Principles to Practice«
  • 11 half or full day classes will impart in-depth knowledge about relevant and actual topics.
  • There will also be six plenary panel discussions based around hot technological topics like embedded AI, embedded vision, embedded security, and connectivity in the IoT, but also broader topics such as the chip shortage or diversity within teams.

We see more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in real applications using embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) architectures: from autonomous vehicles to image recognition and from embedded vision systems to preventive and demand-driven maintenance in Industrial IoT systems, from small edge computers to high-performance cloud servers. These applications are increasingly interconnected, balancing edge, cloud, and fog computing – with all its challenges for software, hardware and system design, device and application management, security, safety, connectivity, verification and testing, and more. Such developments do not only continue to promise immense possibilities and lucrative business opportunities, but are also closely associated with many technical, economic, social, and ethical issues.

The embedded world 2022 will cover all aspects of the development and application of embedded systems, from fundamental technologies to development processes and special fields of applications. It is one of the core strengths of the event to be cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary. The conference provides a platform to bring together experts from different domains and application areas of embedded systems in order to promote a holistic system design approach, to identify synergies and commonalities, and to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The steering board of the embedded world 2022 wishes all participants stimulating discussions about new ideas and solutions enabling you to cope more easily and efficiently with the immense challenges that lie ahead. We hope that you will gain great insights in a pulsating birthday atmosphere.

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