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Groundbreaking, a supercomputer, and new products

21. Mai 2021, 09:30 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

Groundbreaking, a supercomputer, and new products

What was going on in the embedded industry this week? From new production capacities to a supercomputer in Singapore and new products. In a nutshell – what's new in the embedded world.

iesy expands capacities

Since 2010, iesy's average revenue growth has been about 20 percent per year. »The growth has also an impact on the space required in the company,« says owner and CEO Martin Steger. Currently, iesy develops and produces on an area of about 1000 m². The extension will add an additional 2000 m² of floor space. However, the extension will not only create production and office space – Steger also wants to further increase the workforce.

iesy Spatenstich
© iesy

With the groundbreaking ceremony, Managing Director Martin Steger officially opens the construction of the new building. (On the picture: Ralf Wardenbach, Dennis Nejdrowski, Katrin Schmitz, Martin Steger, Manuela Marcus, Viktor Mierau, Marcus Born; f. l. t. r.)

The centerpiece of the extension is to be the »iesy Casino« - a kind of modern multifunctional area. In addition to break times, employees will also be able to meet here for meetings and customer appointments – new impulses and ideas could also be generated in the iesy Casino. According to Steger, there are already concrete ideas on how the area will be designed.

AMD equips supercomputer in Singapore

The National Supercomputing Centre Singapore (NSCCSG) is equipping its new supercomputer with AMD's third-generation EPYC-7003 processors. When completed, the new supercomputer is expected to be eight times faster than the NSCCSG's existing HPC resources – most notably the current »Aspire 1« supercomputer. The new computer is expected to enable new scientific discoveries in areas including medicine, climate, and engineering – with a theoretical peak performance of 10 petaflops. The supercomputer is expected to be fully operational by early 2022. Technically, the computer will be equipped with hot water cooling.

Seco and Riella cooperate

Seco – provider of the Clea IoT/AI platform – and UPS manufacturer Riello announced a collaboration. Within the partnership, the companies plan to develop new UPS products based on Clea. Clea is a platform for IoT/AI services developed by the Seco Mind group. It collects data in the field, for example, transfers it to the cloud and analyzes it in real time – helpful for business processes of all kinds. Now, Seco and Riello are implementing Clea on Riello UPSs connected to the cloud. As a result, users benefit from equipment monitoring, improved efficiency, and reduced downtime.

Green Hills and MathWorks develop toolbox

Green Hills Software is introducing the »MULTI Toolbox« for embedded coders. Developers who create algorithms in MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink can now develop, debug, optimize, and deploy their programs on many embedded processors. The toolbox connects Simulink and MATLAB on the desktop to the MULTI IDE, which targets, and controls embedded processors.

Multi Toolbox for Embedded Coder
© Green Hills Software | MathWorks

The toolbox connects Simulink and MATLAB on the desktop to the MULTI IDE.

The toolbox connects Simulink and MATLAB on the desktop to the MULTI IDE, which targets, and controls embedded processors. On the desktop, users develop Simulink and MATLAB models and generate C/C++ source code. MULTI then compiles, connects, and executes the optimized binaries either on the target processor or on the integrated embedded core simulator. The IDE returns the results to Simulink via Processor-In-the-Loop, allowing users to visualize the results or programmatically confirm that the results of the Simulink algorithms on the workstation match the actual results on the embedded processor.

Distribution partnership between ADLink and Techway

ADLink Technology announced a new distribution partnership with Techway, a French provider of video and signal processing applications. With the partnership, ADLink aims to address the machine vision market for AI and edge computing applications in France. Techway's development and sales team supports customers with their expertise in all aspects of machine vision.

Hot Products of the week

EdgeOps DataMesh
Alvium 1800 U-2460/2040/1620

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Cigarette vending machines with KarL4

Digitization has arrived in the field of cigarette vending machines – the reason are advantages of contactless payment. At the end of 2020, more than 10,000 cigarette vending machines in Germany were operated with NFC terminals – most of them with the »KarL4« system from Garz & Fricke.

© Garz & Fricke

KarL4 is a contactless payment terminal for the Girocard.

In addition to age verification, requirements regarding energy consumption and vandalism protection must also be met. KarL4 is a contactless payment terminal for the Girocard. The application, which has been approved by the German banking industry, makes it possible to pay amounts securely and intuitively without entering a PIN. The reader unit and the separate controller for the contactless payment system can be installed quickly and flexibly. It also prevents cigarettes from being issued to minors.

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