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Graphene-based fast-charging technology is on the rise

8. Februar 2021, 11:33 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Der Aion S ist ebenfalls ein Elektrofahrzeug des chinesischen Herstellers Guangzhou Automobile Corporation.
The Aion S is also an electric vehicle from Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Corporation.
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GAC Group reports a success: its graphene-based super fast-charging battery is now in the vehicle testing phase. The Aion V - the first vehicle to be equipped with the battery - is scheduled for series production from September.

At the »2020 GAC Tech Day« in July, GAC Group presented its 3DG (three-dimensional graphene) production technology. With the simple yet efficient production process, costs can be reduced to about one-tenth of those of conventional graphene production processes. This also makes graphene-based battery technology economically attractive.

In addition to the cost-effective production of graphene on a large scale, GAC Group has also been able to make progress in the downstream application of graphene: The electric vehicle industry is particularly interested in the graphene-based super fast-charging battery.

This graphene-based battery has 6 C fast charging capability and can be charged to 80% capacity within 8 minutes when combined with a 600 A high power charger. The battery has passed the »Battery Shooting Test«, which certifies its highest quality and reliability. So the charging time is significantly reduced and the battery life is longer. This allows current »problem points« of electric cars to be eliminated.

The Aion V, the first vehicle model to be equipped with this graph-based battery, is currently in the series testing phase. The Aion V is a compact electric crossover SUV manufactured by Aion, a brand of China's Guangzhou Automobile Corporation.

With its strategic planning and proactive approach, GAC Group also aims to drive the global expansion and development of its own GAC Motor brand.

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