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GPU computers, panel PCs and more

24. März 2023, 7:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
The GPU computers from Cincoze.
© Cincoze

At embedded world in Nuremberg, Cincoze presented its new product portfolio, including new embedded and panel PCs. The manufacturer's GPU computers aroused particular interest.

Cincoze presented its new product portfolio in four categories at embedded world in Nuremberg last week:

  1.     Rugged Fanless Embedded Computers
  2.     Modular panel PCs and industrial monitors
  3.     Embedded GPU Computers
  4.     New Products

Rugged Embedded Fanless Computers

Cincoze’s Rugged Computing – »DIAMOND« product line which has seven series with different product positioning is designed for use in harsh industrial environments where many computers would struggle. The seven computers in the range have wide temperature, wide voltage, and industrial-grade protections, while each model offers different performance, expandability, size, power efficiency, and industry certifications. Every model supports additional I/O and functionality options through Cincoze’s exclusive expansion technology CMI, CFM, and MEC modules.

Modular Panel PCs & Industrial Monitors

Cincoze’s Display Computing – »CRYSTAL« product line consists of six different series, including industrial panel PCs (CV-100/P series) and monitors (CV-100/M series) for general use in industrial environments, sunlight-readable panel PCs (CS-100/P series) and monitors (CS-100/M series) for use in high brightness environments or outdoors, and the recently launched open frame panel PCs (CO-100/P series) and monitors (CO-100/M series) for seamless integration in advanced machine equipment. The CRYSTAL line offers a range of screen sizes, display ratios, touch methods, resolution, brightness, and other options to provide a complete and comprehensive selection.

Embedded GPU Computers

Cincoze’s GPU Computing – »GOLD« product line is designed for rapidly evolving AI technologies by providing the computing power needed for machine vision and AIoT in industrial environments. Cincoze will showcase the »GM-1000« and »GP-3000« series in the GPU Computing – GOLD product line. The GM-1000 is an extreme-performance computer that supports an MXM GPU and is best suited for machine vision applications with limited installation space. The GP-3000 is Cincoze’s flagship model that supports up to two full-length graphics cards with the addition of a GPU Expansion Box and can perform sophisticated and complex visual inspection or autonomous driving. The GP-3000 has three patents for its heat dissipation, expansion, and GPU card mounting bracket designs, not only solving customer pain points but also winning many awards.

New Products

Cincoze’s new »DS-1400« and »DX-1200« rugged embedded computers will be on display. These models, based on the latest generation Intel Alder Lake-S platform, improve efficiency by 70 % compared to the previous generation, making them suitable for intensive computing. Both models meet stringent safety standards and are UL certified for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and audio-visual equipment.

Another highlight in the new product zone is the newly launched »CO-100« open frame display module. The model on display has a transparent frame so you can look inside the enclosure to get a glimpse of the unique integrated structure and patented adjustable mounting bracket, while witness firsthand how they simplify the customization process and make on-site installation easy.

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