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Get 5G into cars faster

17. Januar 2020, 08:26 Uhr   |  Gerhard Stelzer

Get 5G into cars faster
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The partners Anritsu and dSpace will demonstrate 5G mobile communications for cars in a joint showcase at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona.

Together, Anritsu and dSpace aim to accelerate simulation and testing of 5G automotive applications. To this end, a joint showcase is to be held at the Mobile World Congress 2020.

The Japanese measurement technology specialist Anritsu and the Paderborn-based provider of hardware and software tools dSpace, will demonstrate the integration of a 5G network emulator in a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) system for the development of applications for next-generation networked vehicles at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors to the Anritsu booth (Hall 6, Booth F40) will be able to see a demonstration with virtual test drives for end-to-end testing of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) applications for traffic optimization and sensor sharing - implemented by realistic simulation of vehicle and environment with intelligent infrastructure and real 5G communication.
The combination of 5G and Edge Cloud promises high data throughput and low latencies, thus offering the potential for completely new applications, for example for sharing raw sensor data from vehicles and infrastructure. This opens up possibilities for cooperative perception, swarm intelligence based on shared AI or real-time traffic optimization to make automated driving even safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Without a coordinated 5G test environment, however, the development of such applications can become a challenge.

Validation of the entire vehicle-to-network process chain independent of local infrastructure

The showcase integrates the Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, an all-in-one test system for 5G radio frequency, functional and protocol testing with a dSpace SCALEXIO real-time system for sophisticated HIL simulation or rapid prototyping. To test a V2X device and a V2X application realistically, the SCALEXIO real-time system is complemented by the simulation of virtual test drives with the dSpace Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) - ASMs include open Simulink models for the simulation of the vehicle and its environment, for example road, traffic and infrastructure. In addition, a special software interface was developed to connect the Anritsu test station and control the mobile 5G data connection to the back-end during real-time simulation.
Gregor Hordys, responsible for connectivity issues at dSpace, explains the showcase: »This solution enables the early development of applications for networked and collaborative automated driving based on 5G and edge computing in the lab without being dependent on the local infrastructure. It also enables validation of the entire Vehicle-to-Network (V2N) process chain.«
»The joint integration and performance of such a solution represents a major step forward for testing and emulation of 5G V2X. This industry-leading demonstration is a platform for the development of 5G V2X applications«, added Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology at Anritsu.

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