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Germany is Online

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Germany is Online
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Germans are online almost 50 hours a week.

Germany is online - always and everywhere: On average Germans spend 49.9 hours per week online. That's almost four hours more than last year. However, the top position goes to Berlin, where citizens surf 13 hours more than.

For many people, surfing is almost a full-time job. But there is still a clear gap between the generations when it comes to using the Internet. The Digital Natives, i.e. those under 40, are online for about 65 hours. Older citizens, on the other hand, surf the internet just under 43 hours.

Smartphone is the Favorit

Germans use their smartphones the most for surfing – 76 percent go online this way. This year the Smartphone also established itself as the most frequently used surfing device in the 40+ age group; last year, the mobile computer was still in first place in this group. This year, however, the smartphone has replaced the mobile computer – however 72 percent of users still use it. The tablet, which is used by 46 percent of Germans – 42 percent in the previous year – is still on the advance.

The desktop PC is experiencing a small revival: After the stationary computer with monitor and mouse was pushed back further and further in the past years, the use rose again this year for the first time to 58 percent (previous year 54 percent). This can also be seen in the time Germans spend in front of their PCs: This year it was 13.8 hours per week, 1.3 hours more than in the previous year.

Language assistants and wearables are more popular

The use of language assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant has also increased – but wearables such as Smartwatches were also able to assert themselves better than in the previous year. Ten percent of Germans – only five percent in 2018 – talk to Alexa or Siri. The number of wearables users grew from four to six percent. On average, Germans devote around one hour a week more than last year to these devices: intelligent language assistants spend an average of 1.7 hours a week, while smartwatches and fitness trackers spend 1.8 hours a week. Here, too, the digital natives lead the field. On average, they are online with their Smartwatch for almost three hours per week and the under 40-year-olds talk to Alexa and Co. for 2.7 hours per week.

Surfer Hot Spot Berlin

By the way, when it comes to surfing, the Berliners are the absolut winners. On average, the Berliners spend an impressive 62.9 hours a week on the Internet – 6.5 hours more than in the previous year. In second and third place are Niedersachsen with 55.2 hours and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 53.4 hours. Schleswig-Holstein is the worst performer. People surf there for an average of 39.8 hours per week.

Postbank Digital Study 2019

For the Postbank Digital Study 2019, 3,126 Germans were surveyed by March 2019. With this study, Postbank is investigating for the fifth time which developments are emerging in the various areas of German life with regard to digitization in general and financial topics in particular. The sample was weighted by federal state (proportionalisation), age and gender in order to reflect a representative population structure. The 2011 census of the Federal Statistical Office was used as the reference file. The results are rounded to whole numbers. Deviations in the totals can be explained by rounding differences.

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