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Feinmetall Expands in Tunisia

Bei der neuen Feinmetall Tunisie sind bereits rund 70 Mitarbeiter mit komplexen Montagearbeiten beschäftigt
The new Feinmetall Tunisie already employs around 70 people in complex assembly work.
© Feinmetall

Feinmetall is pushing ahead with its internationalisation and has founded a subsidiary in Tunisia with the support of its previous sales agency.

A new production building and an increase in the number of personnel are to provide additional capacities for the assembly of spring  loaded (pogo pin) contacts. "We need qualified personnel for the manual and semi-automatic production of spring loaded contacts," emphasizes Feinmetall Managing Director Wolfgang Bürkle. "In Tunisia we find well-trained and highly motivated employees."

Feinmetall has been gathering experience with a partner in Tunisia for three years. "The positive development of the North African country, the consolidated political stability and above all the good level of education of the young people were the decisive factors for this investment", explains Wolfgang Bürkle. Even in times of automation, Feinmetall cannot do without the manual production of spring loaded contacts. The reason for this is the high variety of products, which is around 10,000 different products and their increasing functionality.

"We often require small quantities with a high degree of complexity, which can only be achieved by manual production," says the Feinmetall boss. "Due to the high demand and fully utilized production capacity, we looked for anexpansion opportunity and found it in Tunisia.

The German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce supported Feinmetall in the realization. The location in the periphery of Tunis offers a good infrastructure. "The geographical proximity to Europe and competitive production costs are further strong arguments for an investment in this country," Bürkle is convinced.

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