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embedded world conference and electronic displays Conference 2021

10. September 2020, 11:36 Uhr   |  Joachim Kroll

embedded world conference and electronic displays Conference 2021
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Given the ongoing pandemic situation, many questions concerning the conferences have been raised: Will the conferences take place? Will they be held as virtual or face-to-face events? What if travel restrictions still apply? Is it even worthwhile submitting a paper?

The Call for Papers for the embedded world Conference and the electronic displays Conference 2021 is currently open. Abstracts can be submitted until the end of September 2020 (embedded world) or October 2, 2020 (electronic displays).

Especially for our international speakers and visitors we would like to give some additional information about planning for next year. The infection rate in Germany has remained at a low level since the end of the lockdown. There were, and are, occasional hotspots with higher infection rates – however to date they could always be contained locally. Wearing a mask is mandatory on public transportation and at bus stops, as well as in restaurants when not in your seat. Although the number of infections has risen in the last couple of weeks as a result of people returning from vacation, it is far too soon to speak of a "second wave".

While larger events such as beer and wine festivals are still prohibited, the first sport, cinema and concert performances are allowed to take place under strict conditions. Exhibitions and conferences have been allowed again since September 2nd, with restrictions that apply to hygiene measures, social distance requirements and the number of visitors allowed indoors. The present situation can be summarized as such: German authorities are issuing regulations with strong yet reasonable restrictions to prevent a second lockdown.

In the past weeks, WEKA publishing house has successfully carried out numerous small and large-scale virtual events and continues to receive requests from partners asking when it will be possible again to hold in-person events. Naturally we are not able to predict the development of the pandemic throughout the winter, but with regards to embedded world we are in the fortunate position that NürnbergMesse has spacious conference facilities. If there is the slightest possibility, we will hold the embedded world Conference and the electronic display Conference as in-person events – albeit with significantly fewer participants than allowed in the past.

We also want to preserve the international character of the event; the quality and diversity of the embedded world Conferences are supported by international speakers and participants. For speakers who are unable to travel, we will provide the possibility to hold presentations remotely. At the same time, we would like to encourage you to plan a trip to Nuremberg and be present on-site to resume the lively exchange - assuming this is possible in a responsible manner.

We all strive to avoid risks as much as possible and are working on this together with NürnbergMesse, which has already collaborated with the authorities and developed a hygiene concept for the event that encompasses both the exhibition and the conferences.

On this note: It is definitely worthwhile to submit a paper for the embedded world Conference or the embedded displays Conference. We hope for a fruitful exchange in March 2021 and to see many familiar faces from the industry again – whether virtually or in-person with respect to social distances!

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