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Embedded Workbench supports the lowest cost STM32 MCU series

14. März 2023, 6:00 Uhr | Harry Schubert
Embedded Workbench von IAR unterstützt die neuen günstigen 32-bit-Mikrocontroller der STM32C0-Serie von STMicroelectronics

IAR and STMicroelectronics help developers of cost-sensitive applications to move from 8-/16-bit MCUs to the new entry-level 32-bit STM32 MCU series, the STM32C0. Together, IAR and STMicroelectronics are lowering the hurdle for embedded developers to move to 32-bit devices.

The new STM32C0, STMicroelectronics' most affordable 32-bit MCU series, is targeted at applications like home appliances, industrial pumps, fans, and smoke detectors, typically served by simpler 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs. The modern 32-bit design of the STM32C0 permits improvements such as faster response, extra functions, and network connection at similar overall cost and power consumption. The STM32C0 devices allow easy migration into the STM32G0 series to tackle more demanding projects, sharing a consistent pinout. IAR facilitates the application software migration in the same and professional IDE (integrated development environment).

IAR’s solutions are fully integrated into the STM32 ecosystem: All software resources available for the STM32C0 series, like the STM32CubeMX configuration tool, Microsoft Azure RTOS, and the STM32CubeC0 MCU package, are fully compatible and tested with IAR Development Solutions. IAR Embedded Workbench supports out-of-the-box the STM32C0 Nucleo-64 (NUCLEO-C031C6) low-cost development board and two STM32C0 Discovery Kits (STM32C0116-DK and STM32C0316-DK).

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