Panel of experts

Embedded Vision

23. Februar 2021, 18:00 Uhr   |  Harry Schubert

Embedded Vision

Follow the expert panels of embedded world 2021 DIGITAL via video conferencing

At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL on Thursday, 4 March, three experts from the industry will discuss the success factors of embedded vision and which barriers to entry still need to be overcome.

Embedded vision is becoming ubiquitious. Be it in industry, agriculture, household devices and our everyday lives, many future applications will be based on embedded vision: small, integrated image processing systems that work intelligently directly at the device level  enabling them to see and understand.

Embedded vision is made possible by compact, high-performance computing platforms that consume very little energy and, thanks to standardized interfaces to image sensors, can process increasing amounts of image data in real time.

Where is the technology used today? What promising new applications are on the horizon? Why is it an attractive way of developing vision applications? What are the factors for success, and what are the barriers to entry? All this will be the subject of a panel discussion at the trend topic Embedded Vision at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, organized by VDMA Machine Vision and embedded world 2021 DIGITAL.

Panel of  experts: Embedded Vision

Thursday 4 March, 10:15 
Arndt BakeChief Marketing Officer, Basler
Olaf MunkeltManaging Director, MVTec Software
Fredrik NilssonHead of Business Unit Machine Vision, Sick
Greg BlackmannEditor in Chief, IMVE Europe


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