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Edge server for the industry

10. Dezember 2021, 8:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
ThinkEdge SE450
With the »ThinkEdge SE450«, Lenovo offers an edge device for many applications.
© Lenovo

Lenovo strengthens its activities in the field of edge computing and adds an edge server with GPU support to its device portfolio. The compact device offers high performance and scalability. It is to be used in the areas of manufacturing, smart cities and telecommunications.

With the »ThinkEdge SE450«, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) expands its ThinkEdge portfolio. With this device, Lenovo strengthens its commitment to the industrial sector. It is suitable for AI applications at the edge, for example to accelerate business processes. Intelligent edge functions are also intended to enable real-time decision-making, suitable for predictive maintenance in industrial plants, for example. The detection of traffic accidents in smart cities is also a conceivable use case.

ThinkEdge SE450
The ThinkEdge SE450 in front view.
© Lenovo

Improve performance, scalability and security

According to the manufacturer, the ThinkEdge SE450 was developed with the aim of expanding the number of places where servers are used. As such, it offers flexible scaling, is very quiet, and fits into places where space is at a premium due to its low profile. With its rugged design, it is also designed to operate in high ambient temperatures and withstand high dust, shock and vibration. With its high GPU performance based on processors from Nvidia, it is predestined for high-performance applications.

Security is also critical at the Edge. Here, Lenovo enables enterprises to securely bridge edge-to-cloud boundaries. To this end, the ThinkEdge portfolio offers many network connectivity and security options that can be easily deployed and more securely managed in remote environments.

Further, the server device is based on the latest 3rd generation Intel Xeon processor with deep learning boost technologies. It has all-flash memory for developing AI and analytics applications at the edge. It has also been verified by Intel as a »Select Solution for vRAN.« Precisely defined hardware and software configurations, as well as rigorous system-wide performance benchmarks, ensure the device's security.

Especially for industrial applications, the server offers the pre-installed Lenovo »Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A)« tool. The device can also be easily installed with the "XClarity Orchestrator" software. Remote access via wired or wireless out-of-band access is also possible, eliminating unnecessary routing to edge locations.

To extend hybrid infrastructures from the cloud to the edge, the ThinkEdge SE450 can be used for on-premise clouds. For this, it currently supports technologies from Microsoft, Nvidia, Red Hat and VMware. Lenovo also offers a complete portfolio of edge servers, AI-enabled storage and applications.

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