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Detailed Concept for Edge Computing

9. Mai 2018, 10:53 Uhr | Andreas Knoll
Siemens Industrial Edge ermöglicht Anwendern, unterschiedliche beschreibende, diagnostische, vorausschauende und vorschreibende Analyse-Anwendungen auszuführen.
Siemens Industrial Edge enables users to run various descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis applications.
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Siemens has announced the Edge Computing concept "Siemens Industrial Edge", which is intended to extend the functionality of automation devices by machine-oriented data processing and thereby close the gap between traditional local data processing and cloud-based data processing.

"Siemens Industrial Edge" safely brings advanced analytical technology and the intelligence of edge computing into the manufacturing environment. The concept allows users to run different descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis applications. Cloud connectivity (data to cloud) is used in conjunction with "edge apps" from Siemens, third-party vendors, or by the end users themselves in an integrated hardware and software ecosystem (edge app to device) for automation components.

With Edge Computing, large amounts of data can be processed locally. Siemens provides a wide range of applications for this purpose, including data processing, data visualization via web server, data transfer to the cloud or IT infrastructure, and app development with fast innovation cycles. In addition, storage and transfer costs are reduced for users because large amounts of data are pre-processed and only relevant data are then transferred to a cloud or IT infrastructure. Siemens Industrial Edge supports cloud transmission protocols for MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, and in the future MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

For machine tools, Industrial Edge and Sinumerik provide a machine-oriented platform for software applications that capture, pre-process, and analyze high-frequency data. In addition, complex tool paths can be calculated and non-productive times or workspace monitoring can be optimized. The operating system and application at Industrial Edge for Sinumerik are installed via MindSphere back-end services and are continuously kept up to date. Industrial Edge for Sinumerik allows users to continuously monitor processes and conditions and increase productivity.

According to Siemens, Industrial Edge with Simatic provides users with a basis for implementing current and future requirements. Automation components such as Simatic controllers are supported by Edge devices in order to process large amounts of facilities' data  and to gain insights for a continuous increase in productivity. Applications such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance are finding their way into classic automation technology. Edge Computing also provides a high degree of flexibility, because systems can always be kept up to date via functional, feedback-free updates.; in particular for system life cycles commonly used in automation. Siemens supports users in application development with frameworks and access to integrated connectivity to the automation world.

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