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Continental receives order for high-performance computers

28. April 2021, 16:31 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

Continental receives order for high-performance computers
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Now also in the truck segment: Continental has won an order to equip commercial vehicles with high-performance computers for telematics applications.

Continental has won its first order to equip telematics units with high-performance computers in the commercial vehicle sector. The company is thus also offering a solution for increasing networking, complexity and functional scope in trucks.

For the order from a leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer, Continental is building on its telematics expertise that has proven itself in the passenger car sector. Continental sees itself as a pioneer in the still young market segment for high-performance computers: Last year, the technology company was the first supplier to bring a high-performance computer including software into series production. It networks the electronics architecture, controls the data streams and enables over-the-air updates for VW's fully electronic ID series.

»Continental recognized the potential of high-performance computers at an early stage and used our expertise in vehicle electronics, which has grown over many years, to create a basis for new innovative applications - now also in the commercial vehicle sector,« comments Gilles Mabire, head of the Commercial Vehicles and Services business unit at Continental.

By using high-performance computers, Continental aims to address the ever-increasing variety of functions and complexity in the networking of commercial vehicles. In this solution in particular, the company combines the telematics unit and high-performance computer, enabling it to map a large number of additional functions and different applications.

Particularly in the efficiency-driven transport industry, this involves competition-relevant applications relating to the digitalization of the logistics chain, remote diagnostics and secure over-the-air software updates. Continental's solution will serve to optimize the management of the large data streams generated in the vehicle. This should also create opportunities for further innovative functions and services - as well as for high flexibility at the customer.

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