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Congatec relies on Ryzen

5. April 2018, 9:08 Uhr | Manne Kreuzer
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For its new COM Express Type 6 module conga-TR4, congatec uses the embedded Ryzen processor from AMD.
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AMD‘s Ryzen embedded processors are market leaders in graphics and they have increased their overall computing performance by 50% – a good reason for Congatec to implement them on COM Express Type 6 modules.

Since AMD, unlike Intel, also operates a high-performance graphics card business, new generations of processors benefit from the very latest state-of-the-art graphics. Compared to its predecessor, the new processor-integrated GPU, with its Radeon Vega architecture, boasts double the graphics performance: Benchmarks in the 15W class show an increase in performance of up to 228%. This means that four displays instead of three can now be served with individual content – and this all the way up to Ultra HD resolution.

Also in terms of general single-thread and multi-thread performance, the new multi-core processors are impressive: The new Zen Core can handle around 52% more instructions per cycle than its predecessor, the Excavator Core. Likewise, the new Ryzen Embedded processors support simultaneous multithreading (SMT), so that two parallel threads can now be processed. Because it has been quite some time since the last significant performance leaps – AMD‘s new Ryzen Embedded V-Series marks a remarkable advance in high-end embedded computing. Developers looking to quickly evaluate and deploy the new Ryzen embedded processors can now equip existing carrier board designs with ­congatec‘s new Computer-on-Modules or test them with the Eval-Carrier Board for COM Express type 6 modules. Appropriate cooling solutions for each TDP class are also available, so that OEM designs can be equipped with the new modules in a few simple steps.

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