Moxa, port and Intel

Collaboration for cross-application TSN solution

16. Dezember 2021, 15:36 Uhr | Andreas Knoll
Eine anwendungsübergreifende Lösung für TSN wollen die Unternehmen Moxa, port und Intel bereitstellen.
A cross-application solution for TSN is what the companies Moxa, port and Intel want to provide.
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Moxa, port industrial automation and Intel are teaming up to deliver an out-of-the-box, cross-application solution for TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) with Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.

The offering combines the current products of a device manufacturer, a software stack provider and a chip manufacturer and is intended to enable not only wired but also wireless applications using 5G or WiFi 6/7. In the first step, products certified according to CC-Link IE TSN will be combined, namely TSN-enabled switches from Moxa, eleventh-generation Core i7 processors and TSN-enabled I120 platforms from Intel, as well as an application from port. The Halle/Saale-based company offers a CC-Link IE TSN Class B certified master stack and a Profinet CC-D conformance class certified remote station for Profinet over TSN.

The joint solution allows devices and protocols such as CC-Link IE TSN, Profinet over TSN (Profinet CC-D), EtherCAT over TSN and the upcoming OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) to be integrated into the overall system. Also available is a neutral middleware designed for all types of industrial protocols "over TSN" to enable synchronous communication between PLCs, sensors, and actuators used in various industrial applications.

"Our solution, which leverages TSN and real-time capabilities in Intel architecture processors, will enable the level of determinism required for intelligent industrial edge systems where data is extracted, analysed and actions are taken in real-time," explained Sunita Shenoy, senior director, Industrial IoT Platforms at Intel. "TSN finally provides an Ethernet-based technology that can connect all types of devices on factory floors via standardised Ethernet TSN infrastructure devices without the need for proprietary systems," adds Marcus Tangermann, Chief Technology Officer at port.

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