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Codasip adds Veridify secure boot to RISC-V processors

24. Juni 2022, 8:04 Uhr | Iris Stroh
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Codasip announced that quantum-resistant secure tools from Veridify Security are now available to support Codasip’s RISC-V processors with a secure-boot function.

Veridify’s secure algorithm validates firmware as it loads onto the Codasip processor to reassure RISC-V developers that embedded systems are secure.

Veridify’s secure boot functionality is based on an algorithm that runs faster than traditional encryption methods; only requiring a small code space and ultra-low power making it well-suited to Codasip’s family of low-power embedded processors. Using Veridify’s methods, Codasip customers can now easily verify the authenticity of the firmware.

Since Veridify’s methods are also quantum-resistant against all known threats, they also support customers implementing Codasip processors in long-life embedded applications such as remote monitoring systems, surveillance cameras and smart meters. In addition, Veridify’s tools can be used to enable additional security features like secure firmware updates, authentication, and data protection.

Last year, Codasip and Veridify agreed to partner to bring this secure boot functionality to Codasip’s RISC-V processor IP. Following trials between the two companies, Codasip’s IP has now been proven on the Veridify platform – reassuring customers and developers using Codasip processors that they will be utilizing a fully-compatible, widely-used and highly-trusted source of boot security for verifying firmware on its processors.

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