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Heavy duty electric trucks

BorgWarner supplies the e-drive

Ein deutscher OEM setzt die HVH250-Elektromotoren von BorgWarner in seinen schweren E-Lkw ein.
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A German OEM will use BorgWarner's HVH250 (High Voltage Hairpin) electric motors to power a heavy distribution truck. The trucks will be equipped with two HVH motors per axle.

The HVH motors each achieve a peak power of 175 kW and a torque of 425 Nm at 350 V.
BorgWarner has been manufacturing its HVH250 motors for more than 10 years. The company's electric motor offers customers peak efficiencies of more than 95 % and features patented stator winding technology. Further, the HVH250 is offered with a choice of direct drive, chain drive, belt drive or integrated options, either with a complete housing or as a rotor-stator assembly. It also features an internal permanent magnet rotor and a special insulation system for even greater durability.

»We are pleased to provide the electric drive technology for this battery-powered heavy-duty distribution truck. Our proven HVH250 motor delivers the power and durability required for this demanding application,« said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. »By supporting our customers in the efficient electrification of vehicles, we are taking a step toward an increasingly clean and energy-efficient world.«

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