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BorgWarner's HVCH optimizes battery efficiency

06. August 2021, 09:01 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

BorgWarner's HVCH optimizes battery efficiency
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The compact, modular design of the HVCH enables high thermal power density and fast response.

BorgWarner is collaborating with ZEEKR Intelligent Technology, a company belonging to the Geely Holding Group. The plan is to supply an advanced high-voltage coolant heater (HVCH) for the new ZEEKR 001 electric sedan.

Vehicle thermal management systems are increasingly decoupled from the combustion engine - permanently in the case of electric vehicles and over longer portions of the drive cycle in the case of hybrid vehicles. BorgWarner's coolant heaters can improve battery performance in electric and hybrid vehicles by providing consistent temperature distribution within battery packs and cells.

They also create comfortable interior temperatures within a short period of time, ensuring a pleasant climate for drivers and passengers. Thanks to their high thermal power density and fast response times due to their low thermal mass, the heaters also extend the purely electric range by requiring less power from the battery.

The HVCH uses the latest Thick Film Heating Elements (TFE) technology. It was developed to meet the demand for high-performance systems that generate heat quickly. The heating elements are completely surrounded by coolant, which reduces power losses. The technology also allows direct temperature monitoring.

»Our coolant heater will help improve the battery range of the ZEEKR 001 by maintaining battery temperature at an optimal level, while providing an ideal interior climate to enhance passenger comfort,« said Joe Fadool, president and general manager, BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems.

The HVCH is available in two variants - single plate and dual plate, both of which feature a robust aluminum housing with excellent electromagnetic shielding. BorgWarner's HVCHs range in power from 3 to 10 kW and are suitable for applications with operating voltages between 180 and 800 volts. The heaters are protected against thermal overload as the system automatically shuts down in the event of a failure.

Production start of the new ZEEKR 001 equipped with the BorgWarner HVCH is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

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