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BlackBerry IVY Ecosystem Continues to Grow

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Ridecell brings AI-powered fleet automation and the Nemo ADAS data platform to the BlackBerry IVY ecosystem. This opens up automated solutions for any fleet.
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BlackBerry and Ridecell plan to jointly offer a fleet operations and ADAS data platform for automotive OEMs through the BlackBerry IVY intelligent vehicle data platform. This is intended to enable OEMs to customize their vehicles and tap into new revenue opportunities.

The integrated solution from Blackberry and Ridecell is designed to enable OEMs to provide fleet operators with the tools they need to turn fleet management insights into automated actions. These include, for example, responding to maintenance and diagnostic alerts, automating vehicle access control and disabling stolen vehicles, and generating accident analysis reports to meet regulatory requirements.

Ridecell's Fleet IoT Automation Platform is designed to drive digital transformation and automation for fleet-focused organizations. With BlackBerry IVY, OEMs can deploy Ridecell's solutions directly in the vehicle in real-time to drive new revenue streams and save on data connectivity costs. BlackBerry IVY enables automotive OEMs to gain rich insights from vehicle data without incurring large connectivity or cloud storage costs. This is done through a scalable, cost-effective car-to-cloud platform that provides developers with a consistent and secure way to analyze sensor data.

The collaboration between the two companies also includes the integration of Ridecell's AI-powered Nemo data platform with BlackBerry IVY. Nemo analyzes vehicle sensor data and driving history to understand critical events, including accidents. OEMs can take advantage of Nemo to further develop their assisted driving systems and improve safety. With BlackBerry IVY, Nemo can leverage in-vehicle data processing to derive AI insights in real time and filter for scenarios of interest. This saves OEMs connectivity and cloud costs. 

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