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Bavarian Ministers Approve Center for Battery Technology

11. September 2018, 10:32 Uhr | Paulina Würth
Ziel von BayBatt ist es, elektrochemische, materialwissenschaftliche und ingenieurwissenschaftliche Aufgaben gemeinsam interdisziplinär zu bearbeiten.
The aim of BayBatt is to work together on electrochemical, materials science and engineering tasks in an interdisciplinary manner.
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The University of Bayreuth receives a research centre for battery technology. This is what the Bavarian state government is planning. Thereby, Upper Franconia is to become an important development location for electro mobility.

The University of Bayreuth will receive a research and development centre for battery technology (BayBatt), at least that is what Science Minister Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle wants. She presented the plans for the project to the cabinet in Upper Franconia today. In research and teaching, the centre will focus on the entire value chain of batteries, from materials to intelligent systems and networked storage to battery safety.

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It is planned that the University of Bayreuth will establish two new courses of study from 2021, both a broadly based Bachelor's program and a Master's program in »Battery Technology and Battery System Technology« with a wide range of specializations. In the first build-up phase until 2020, two professorships are to be filled, a junior research group with doctoral students is to be formed, and a laboratory with shared use of resources is to be rented. »As part of a five-year plan, we will invest EUR 25 million in the construction and development of BayBatt and create 114 new jobs in the final stage, including twelve professorships,« said Prof. Dr. Kiechle.

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