AI prototype of the CityBot presented

Autonomous robot vehicle as a radically new mobility concept

19. Oktober 2020, 14:38 Uhr   |  Irina Hübner

Autonomous robot vehicle as a radically new mobility concept

Object recognition based on AI and machine learning allows the precise identification of waste.

The EDAG CityBot is an autonomously driving robot vehicle. It does not belong to any particular type of vehicle, but stands for a networked and radically different mobility concept. Now the EDAG Group is presenting the AI prototype of the CityBot for the first time.

At the »EDAG Tech Summit 2020«, the EDAG Group will be showing the AI prototype of the EDAG CityBot for the first time. This AI prototype is a further development of the CityBot mobility concept presented at the IAA 2019, and underlines its technical feasibility.

The robot vehicle uses concrete technical solutions from the fields of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, robotics and trajectory planning. Various useful modules such as trailer and backpack modules can be coupled to the networked, autonomously driving CityBots in order to master all transport and work situations in urban or industrial areas. This is not an isolated solution, but an integral part of a demand-oriented and holistic transportation system.

At the EDAG Tech-Summit 2020 from 26.10.2020 to 5.11.2020, you can view the AI prototype: On a playground, the AI prototype moves autonomously by means of its novel trajectory planning and self-localization, and approaches a precisely identified waste object. The vehicle is equipped with an object recognition system that can identify objects such as a ball of paper, a beverage can or a bottle, and uses its robotic arm to grasp the objects and dispose of them according to their type.

In order to be able to perform a wide variety of tasks in the future, even in the most confined spaces, a chassis and drive concept was developed for the AI prototype that ensures particularly high maneuverability: This means that the CityBot is capable of driving straight and curved roads as well as diagonally and transversely and can turn on the spot if necessary.

The EDAG Group intends to continue developing the CityBot concept further. The roadmap envisages initial deployment in a so-called »Living Laboratory«. The engineering company is at an advanced stage of talks with a major Spanish city, which has already signalled its interest in a first test deployment. For the time horizon up to 2025, the EDAG Group considers the industrial use of CityBots at airports or in the distribution/logistics sector to be a realistic goal, as there is no mixed traffic and the influencing factors are more manageable than in real city operation.

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