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Summer Night Party of WEKA FACHMEDIEN

At Night in the Museum

Sommernachtsfest 2018

Anyone interested in technology naturally goes to the Deutsches Museum in Munich. With this in mind, this year WEKA FACHMEDIEN hosted their traditional Summer‘s Night Party in the historic congress hall building of the famous Museum of Technology.

The popular high-voltage system in the Deutsches Museum needs almost a million volts for crackling moments in which the spark ignites - the guests of the WEKA Summer‘s Night Festival managed this without great technical effort. Fine food, cool drinks and hot beats provided an energetic atmosphere and exuberant mood.

In addition to the cheerful bustle at the industry festival of the year, there were also plenty of opportunities to cultivate contacts with colleagues, partners and customers. What happened in the other exhibition halls at night however, remains a secret of the Deutsches Museum. In any case, the guests in the historic congress hall building clearly showed that a visit to the technology museum at night can be even more fun than during the day. More in the video and in the picture gallery.

Sommernachtsfest 2018

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In diesem Jahr feierte die Elektronik-, Automatisierungs- und IT-Branche im Isarforum am Deutschen Museum das Sommernachtsfest der WEKA FACHMEDIEN. Die Gäste waren begeistert: "Tolle Location, Tolle Leute, Tolle Gespräche, tolles Event."

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