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Arm presents new Neoverse platforms

18. Oktober 2022, 9:00 Uhr | Tobias Schlichtmeier
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Arm extends its Neoverse Roadmap with Neoverse V2 – Codename: »Demeter«. Neoverse V2 is the new Arm Core for Cloud,- HPC and Hyperscale Workloads. It's made for applications like Cloud, 5G, HPC and Edge Computing and should provide a better energy efficiency at a better performance.

The demand for data is growing every day, from 5G to cloud to smart cities. To meet the demands, tomorrow's cloud infrastructure has to handle coming data volumes as well as increasingly complex workloads. At the same time, it has to increase energy efficiency and minimize the carbon footprint. That's why the industry is increasingly turning to Arm's Neoverse platforms.

New Cores for bigger workloads

The Neoverse portfolio enables companies to develop applications based on Arm CPUs that are competitive and meet the ever-increasing market requirements. Arm is now adding a new V2 series compute core to its portfolio – Neoverse V2 »Demeter«. It leverages the Arm CMN-700 mesh interconnect and improves the security requirements of Arm v9. Hyperscale and HPC users in particular want to further increase their performance – with even better energy efficiency.

Already today, several partners are working on designs based on Neoverse V2. One of them is Nvidia, which uses V2 as the computational basis for its Grace data center CPU. Grace is said to combine the power efficiency of V2 with the energy efficiency of LPDDR5X memory. With this, the companies aim to achieve twice the performance per watt compared to servers using traditional architectures.

Furthermore, Arm announced that it will expand its N-series and launch it in 2023. It is to once again surpass the currently available N2 CPU in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Arm also wants to further improve and expand its E-CPU series. For example, with the E2 platform, which combines the Cortex-A510 CPU with the Neoverse CMN-700 and N2 backplane. Neoverse CPUs are designed to reduce power consumption and serve the increased computational demands of modern workloads. However, compute cores alone are not enough.

Neoverse Plattformen
Arms V-, N- and E Series in comparison.
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Cloud Software at Arm platforms

Cloud applications are built on microservices that communicate via APIs and take advantage of modern software development tools and techniques. These include containers and continuous delivery technologies with DevOps and agile methods.

With many large cloud providers using Arm-based instances, the company is working with cloud partners to optimize software infrastructures, frameworks and workloads. These include projects such as Kubernetes, Istio and several CI/CD tools to deploy native builds for the Arm architecture. For example, Arm has improved machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and cloud software workloads such as open source databases, Big Data and analytics. In addition, Arm is working with platforms such as AMBA CHI, UCIe and CXL to provide customers with more options in terms of cloud and ege application development.

Custom applications from cloud to edge

Arm Neoverse-based platforms open new doors for cloud computing. On the one hand, they offer scalable efficiency as well as degrees of freedom for innovation. That's why Arm offers its cloud instances for Neoverse CPUs. For example, in 5G RAN and wireless infrastructure, high performance with low power consumption is possible. This allows partners to customize products for applications ranging from small cells to macrocells to private networks. Through the »5G Solutions Lab«, the company is working with 5G partners such as Dish Wireless, Google Cloud and Vodafone to accelerate 5G end-to-end networks on Arm.

More than 230 billion Arm-based chips sold speak for themselves. With the new Neoverse roadmap, the company aims to build on its successes and pick up where it left off.

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