Bosch bundles development at ETAS

Application-independent software from a single source

9. Dezember 2021, 13:18 Uhr | Irina Hübner
Bosch will führend bei softwaredefinierten Fahrzeugen werden.

In the future, the development of application-independent software for vehicles and the cloud will be bundled under the umbrella of ETAS. Manufacturers and suppliers will thus receive solutions for software-defined vehicles faster, safer and more efficiently.

Bosch is setting the course for a leading role in the software-dominated future of mobility. In the future, vehicle basic software, middleware, cloud services, and development tools that can be used across the board will be developed and marketed under the umbrella of ETAS. From mid-2022, a total of 2,300 experts from different development areas of Bosch and ETAS will be brought together in ETAS GmbH.

»Automotive software development is a core competence of Bosch. We put more than 200 million ECUs with our own software into vehicles worldwide every year. With the new setup, we want to become the leading provider of application-independent vehicle software in the future,« explains Dr. Stefan Hartung, chairman of the Bosch Mobility Solutions division.

A year ago, Bosch established its Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, a unit for application-specific vehicle software with specific hardware for numerous vehicle areas such as driver assistance and infotainment. Now the offering is being bundled with application-independent software for vehicles and the cloud at ETAS. This will create a central platform with which software can be developed faster, more efficiently and together with partners in the future.

Software takes center stage in vehicle construction

Until now, the rule has been that a car is ready when it is delivered. In the future, however, vehicle software will be continuously improved and expanded - for the entire life of the vehicle. This will give drivers an individual, digital driving experience and at the same time form the basis for new business models for manufacturers. This development has only just begun. Experts see the market for vehicle software in the billions over the next few years. Bosch expects double-digit annual growth until 2030. Part of this evolution is the organizational realignment now planned by Bosch for areas dealing with application-independent software at ETAS.

The new organization will also continue the cooperation between Bosch and Microsoft that began in February. The aim of the cooperation is to create an end-to-end software platform for seamless networking of the vehicle and the cloud. In the future, this will make it easier to further develop vehicle software throughout the entire life of the vehicle and to upload it to the control units and vehicle computers via the cloud.

Application-independent software from a single source

ETAS employs around 1,500 associates in 12 countries. Another 800 Bosch associates are expected to join them in mid-2022. The two companies already work closely and successfully together. This cooperation will be further intensified in a joint entity. The details of the future organization are currently being worked out with the involvement of the relevant employee representatives.

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