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App helps to assess business risks

27. Mai 2020, 15:56 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

App helps to assess business risks
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The App helps to assess the risk of attacks on the corporate infrastructure.

With connected devices in the field of production, the risk of manipulation increases significantly. A safe and robust infrastructure is therefore essential. A Rockwell Automation app helps companies assess the risks.

Rockwell Automation has launched a new app to help plant and factory managers and infrastructure experts better assess the risk of their networked infrastructures.
With the growth of networked workplaces and intelligent manufacturing, the risk of hacker attacks is increasing dramatically. The so-called »Assessment Hub App« records networks, automation applications and cyber security activities in the factory. It was explicitly developed to raise managers' awareness of the increased risk level.

The app, available for Android and iOS, asks users a series of simple, intuitive questions that also provide food for thought. The app then gives the user an assessment of the operational risk within the organization at low, medium or high levels.

Assess the risk of equipment failure

According to Rockwell Automation, modern manufacturing operations depend on their plants and the entire networked infrastructure to operate in a robust and secure manner. If there is a weakness at any point, significant operational risks can arise. As manufacturing sites become more networked and merge into a connected enterprise, it is critical to have a clear understanding of all networked devices and equipment. »Employees need to have an overview of the negative impact that equipment failure has on business operations,« says Marc Baret, EMEA regional director for Rockwell Automation.

»We developed the app to provide a starting point for a thorough assessment of assets,« Baret continues. »Based on our extensive experience from projects around the world, we know that simple problems within a plant can be an indicator of wider complex issues that can rarely be predicted or detected by analysis«.

The app is designed to help users gain a better understanding of where potential risks lie hidden. This is done by asking simple questions about networks, automation applications or cybersecurity methods. To achieve a more structured and better managed system, users can develop and improve their operations based on the questions. According to Rockwell, the main goal of the app and services is to help customers build a more secure, robust and easily managed IoT infrastructure that serves as a platform for productive and profitable operations. The Assessment Hub app is available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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