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Ansys Enables First Flight of Electric Racing Aircraft

3. Februar 2022, 9:02 Uhr | Kathrin Veigel
Air Race E Ansys Simulation
Thanks to Ansys simulation solutions, the Nordic Air Racing Team, a participant in Air Race E, was able to successfully complete the maiden flight with its all-electric aircraft.
© Air Race E

Next year, the Air Race E will get underway. Beforehand, the participating teams have to ensure that their machines are airworthy - which the Nordic Air Racing Team has successfully proven. For the development and construction of its aircraft, the team relied on Ansys simulation tools.

Air Race E, the world's first and only all-electric aircraft championship, is a competitive platform that aims to accelerate the development of partially and fully electric propulsion systems for aerospace applications These technological advances are critical to the aviation industry as companies and countries around the world work to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the run-up to the official Air Race E series, which starts in 2023, competing teams must prove that their aircraft are also capable of flight. The Nordic Air Racing Team used Ansys software together with the Ansys Learning Hub and worked with Ansys technical experts to reduce the overall project time by 40 per cent.

Nordic Air Racing Team engineers used Ansys multiphysics simulation solutions to retrofit their piston engine racing aircraft with an electric powertrain. In addition, Ansys products helped to modify the nose of the aircraft, optimise the centre of gravity, air cooling system and aerodynamics, and develop the composite engine compartment.

»The Ansys simulations gave us a very good feel for our aircraft and shortened the time to first flight,« said Sathvik Rao, an engineer with the Nordic Air Racing team. »Without the use of simulation in the early stages, our team would have had to do about 250 additional hours of experimental work around heat dissipation and propagation of the battery pack.«

The Nordic Air Racing Team is one of seven official teams currently registered for Air Race E. In this official racing series, up to eight small propeller planes take off at the same time and fly at an altitude of 30 feet at a speed of 400 km/h. It is the only motorsport of its kind.

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