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All New Car Models to Run on Same Software Platform by 2025

20. Juni 2019, 13:00 Uhr   |  Stefanie Eckardt

All New Car Models to Run on Same Software Platform by 2025
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In the new Car. Software unit, experts will work in five key areas and develop packages across the brands.

Volkswagen intends to group more than 5,000 digital experts together in its new Car.Software unit with Group responsibility for software in the vehicle by 2025. The company plans to develop significantly more software in the car and for vehicle-related services itself.

By 2025, Volkswagen intends to group more than 5,000 experts in competence areas such as software development, electrical and electronics development, connectivity, automated driving, user experience (UX), cloud architecture and e-commerce together in an agile Car.Software unit. They will work in five key areas and develop packages extending across the brands.

The objective is to orient the unit towards the requirements of innovative software development. For this purpose, Volkswagen will be contributing flexible working models, the latest collaboration technologies and agile types of cooperation. This year, about 500 experts are to work together in this agile software unit. The figure is already due to rise to about 2,000 by 2020.

In addition to grouping together experts from brands and companies within the Group, Volkswagen intends to boost the workforce especially by recruiting new specialists and consolidating strategic participations and acquisitions. It is intended to actively present the new software unit and to target IT and tech experts.

Currently, up to 70 control units with operating software from 200 different suppliers need to be integrated in Volkswagen brand vehicles. In addition, there are different systems with similar functions within the Group, for example for infotainment and navigation. One uniform operating system with the same basic functions for all brands and the use of the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud for all Group models will considerably simplify the situation.

The same applies to the brands’ digital ecosystems which will be used for offering the services. All the brands need certain basic services, for example a simple search function for electric charging stations. At Volkswagen Passenger Cars, this service is called We Charge. For example, the basic functions search for nearby stations or pay with different modes of payment could be standardized for all brands.

With its standard software platform, Volkswagen is aiming to achieve significant economies of scale. In future, the vehicle fleet will include more than 10 million fully connected new vehicles per year, which will significantly reduce the cost of integrating the software in each individual vehicle. At the same time, digital ecosystems with a growing number of vehicles connected will become increasingly attractive for new partners and new customers.

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