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AI and Automotive Development Center in Dresden

Christoph Schumacher, Infineon: »Es soll also ausgelotet werden, wie wir universelle KI-Funktionen entwickeln können, die wir in eine Vielzahl von Chips für unterschiedliche Zielsysteme im oder außerhalb des Autos integrieren können.«
Christoph Schumacher, Infineon: "We want to explore how we can develop universal AI functions that we can integrate into a variety of chips for different target systems inside or outside the car".
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Products for automotive and power electronics as well as AI will be the focus of Infineon's new development center in Dresden.

"This topic is so important that we go beyond the development of certain products at the wafer and IC level and also take care of the system level," Infineon site spokesman Christoph Schumacher told Markt&Technik about the foundation of the development center in Dresden. It would therefore not only be a matter of developing special products, but also of approaching the AI on the system level. From there, the various Infineon business units can benefit as well. For this reason, the new center will initially be managed by the Automotive division, but this is not yet a definitive decision.

However, the close connection to Automotive is obvious, because at the moment AI development is driven above all by automotive applications - but also outside the car, for example in traffic control. "We want to explore how we can develop universal AI functions that we can integrate into a variety of chips for different target systems inside or outside the car," says Schumacher.

A major challenge is the constantly growing complexity of the chips. Because not everything that looks attractive and functional on an IC design can also be produced in an IC production on wafer level, it is particularly important that the research center in Dresden is located at the intersection between development, design, and production. Feedback from the fab is crucial. What was initially developed in this way in the automotive environment could then also be adopted in other business fields, such as robotics.

It is therefore a universal topic that is paramount to the business units. "That is also the reason why we are establishing an independent center. We have grown strongly and do not want to withdraw resources from the business segments, but rather create new ones," says Schumacher. The start is planned for the course of the 2018 calendar year, with 100 new jobs to be created initially, and Infineon expects 250 in the medium term.

In Dresden, Germany, Infineon already operates one of the Group's largest and most modern sites for the development of wafer technologies and production processes as well as highly automated production. 2,200 employees research and develop technologies for microcontrollers, sensors, and power semiconductors and manufacture chips - for the automotive industry, among others.

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