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Advantech wants to strengthen its European business

13. Januar 2020, 14:49 Uhr   |  Tobias Schlichtmeier

Advantech wants to strengthen its European business
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The »Embedded IoT World Partner Conference« took place in December at the Advantech Campus in Linkou, Taipei.

In December 2019, Advantech's »Embedded IoT World Partner Conference« was held in Taipei, Taiwan. The focus was on the development of the company from an originally pure hardware manufacturer to a provider of complex IoT solutions. Europe should also benefit from the new strategy.

The company's founder and chairman of Advantech, KC Liu, has set his employees the goal of significantly increasing sales again in 2020. This is to be achieved by continuing the transformation of the company from a pure hardware manufacturer to a service and solution provider. With this strategy, the Taiwan-based technology group also intends to continue to grow in Europe. This is to be achieved by focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. However, the hardware business should not be neglected. After all, the world market leader in industrial PCs wants to further expand its position. In addition, Europe should also benefit in the medium term from the already strong AI developments in Asia.

Miller Chang, Advantech
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Keynote-Speaker Miller Chang, President of Embedded-IoT at Advantech.

Focus on services and IoT applications

Keynote speaker Miller Chang, President of Embedded-IoT at Advantech, emphasized that the company intends to focus on hardware-related services and applications around IoT and increasingly also on artificial intelligence. This includes design-in services in the embedded area, a variety of customization options (DMS/DTOS) and solutions in the AI area at the edge. For example, Advantech intends to focus more on services for embedded software.

According to Chang, activities will focus on the development of the »WISE Paas/On-Device« platform. With the help of apps, the Taiwanese hardware specialist wants to offer its customers an all-round service for IoT applications. Also integrated are public and private cloud solutions such as the specially developed private cloud »Wise-Stack«. To further expand its business internationally, Advantech is relying on additional sales locations in Asia, the USA and Europe.

Dirk Finstel, Advantech
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Dirk Finstel of Advantech explained the new business strategy for Europe at the World Partner Conference in Taipei.

Using embedded expertise

The European business in particular is to be successively strengthened in the coming years. Dirk Finstel, Associate Vice President of Embedded-IoT in Europe intends to invest more in personnel and infrastructure in the next few years. This includes activities such as a new branch in Madrid, new sales channels in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as well as direct sales in France, Spain, Central Europe and Ireland. Advantech intends to generate more sales in Europe, primarily through the Wise-Paas platform and solid embedded products. The board manufacturer is relying on the Embedded IoT Competence Center in Munich for technical implementation.

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