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5G Will Change All Areas of Life

26. Juni 2019, 12:02 Uhr | Harry Schubert
Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications
Meeting point of the wireless community in Munich: Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications
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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fettweis, TU Dresden, compared the development of 5G with the invention of the automobile at the last 15th Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications. Only now is the era of mobility beginning.

The fifth generation of mobile radio not only promises even higher data rates and shorter latency times, but also that data traffic of many billions of end devices can be controlled. This opens up areas of application for 5G mobile communication in which wireless data transmission could not previously be used or in which special wireless technologies tailored to the application had to be developed.

5G is a wireless technology whose performance has the potential to open up new areas of application. One of these areas is automation technology, for which Germany even reserves a frequency range for campus networks. It seems quite realistic that the development that starts with 5G will not only influence all areas of life, it will also create new industries and put established industries under pressure.

From A like Automotive Wireless to L like LPWAN to Z like Zigbee. In 57 lectures, 6 keynotes, 8 tutorials and 2 panel discussions, the 15th Wireless Congress addressed all current aspects and areas of radio communication. The focus of the keynotes was on 5G, the upcoming mobile radio standard. We interviewed some of the speakers..

But it will be years before 5G is fully developed. Alternative wireless technologies, e.g. for M2M and IIoT communication, are mature and immediately available – and are being further developed, as the second generation of LPWAN technologies proves.

Meeting Point for the Wireless Community

Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications
October 22-23, 2019Munichwww.wireless-congress.com

With the Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications in Munich, Elektronik, Electronica Messe München and ZVEI have established a platform for networking and information exchange between wireless experts from academic research and industry.

The 16th Wireless Congress starts on 22 October at the Novotel Munich Messe. The two-day congress program offers lectures on the latest developments in wireless communication, mobile communications (5G) – but not only.

Further topics are: Industrial Wireless, LPWAN, Bluetooth, Localization and Industrial IoT as well as Mioty and secure radio communication. Details of the congress programme can be found on the congress website: www.wireless-congress.com.


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