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48 V Quantino Electric Car Has Already Covered 150,000 km

The Quantino-48-Volt proves the longevity of the nanoFlowcell flow cell drive with 150,000 kilometers completed.
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nanoFlowcell proves the longevity of the nanoFlowcell flow cell drive in the Quantino. The 150,000 km completed correspond to around 5,000 operating hours. The drive system is characterized by weight, safety, environmental compatibility, and economy.

Three years ago, the concept vehicle Quantino was presented - as the first low-voltage electric vehicle with nanoFlowcell flow cell and road approval.

Around 150,000 km of endurance tests of the flow cell and the low-voltage system have now been carried out under real operating conditions of everyday road use. The distance covered corresponds to an operating time of approx. 5,000 h. The battery system proves to be extremely durable, wear-free, and low-maintenance. With the exception of the two electrolyte pumps, the system has no moving and therefore wear-prone individual parts due to its design. Based on the test results and extended computer simulation, the company already guarantees an overall service life of the flow cell of 50,000 operating hours.

The Quantino-48-Volt not only has a fast acceleration, but also offers long-distance qualities. Last year, for example, the electric vehicle covered a distance of 1,000 km in 8:21 hoursnon-stopp, a world record for an electric car.

In contrast to conventional battery concepts, the energy carrier (bi-ION) of the nanoFlowcell flow cell is environmentally friendly in production and use, harmless to health, easy to handle, and cost-effective in production. The implementation of the electric drive in the voltage range up to 48 V also makes the Quantino easier and cheaper to manufacture.

"150,000 kilometers in the QUANTiNO have provided us with many insights on the flow cell in electro-automotive reality. The nanoFlowcell flow cell has inherent system stability and is good for at least 10 times the mileage, provided the remaining vehicle components allow it," said Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO of nanoFlowcell.

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