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"CoolSiC" makes it possible

400 kW station charges electric cars in 10 minutes

Die 400-kW-Ladestation »INGEREV-RAPID-ST400« hat Ingeteam mit »CoolSiC«-MOSFETs von Infineon ausgestattet, die mit ihren hohen Schaltgeschwindigkeiten bei geringeren Schaltverlusten kurze Ladezeiten ermöglichen.
The 400 kW "INGEREV-RAPID-ST400" charging station has been equipped by Ingeteam with "CoolSiC" MOSFETs from Infineon, which enable short charging times with their high switching speeds and lower switching losses.
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Ingeteam's new 400 kW charging station uses Infineon's "CoolSiC" MOSFETS to charge electric vehicles to 80 percent within 10 minutes.

The "CoolSiC" MOSFETs from Infineon Technologies come in an EasyDUAL 2B package. Eight of Infineon's "FF6MR12W1M1_B11" modules are used per charge point. Depending on the charging capacity of the respective vehicle, an electric car now only needs to stop for a minimum of 10 minutes to achieve an 80 percent battery charge. This is comparable to refuelling a car with a conventional combustion engine.

Last year, Ingeteam had already implemented the first project based on its "INGEREV-RAPID-ST400" inverters. In addition to the two partners, the leading service company for charging technology in Spain, IBIL, as well as the multi-energy provider and leading Spanish service station operator Repsol were involved in the project. The station was commissioned in October 2019 in Ugaldebieta on the Bay of Biscay as a lighthouse project in the field of electromobility. The station, located on the busy A-8 motorway, has four ultra-fast charging points. The electricity is optimally distributed between these points so that four vehicles can actually be connected to the grid simultaneously. The technology has functioned perfectly at all times since it was commissioned.

"SiC enables high switching speeds with lower switching losses. This results in shorter charging times. In addition, the charging stations are about a third smaller because significantly fewer components are needed for cooling," says Dr. Peter Wawer, President of the Industrial Power Control Division at Infineon. "As various consumer studies show, the acceptance of electromobility depends very much on the availability of an efficient fast-charging infrastructure. We have proven that we can provide the underlying technology".


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