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Achieving Functional Safety in Railway Software: How to Satisfy EN 50128 Requirements

Download the whitepaper to learn how to achieve EN 50128 verification and validation requirements in the rail industry with significant automation support

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Streamlining Unit Testing for Embedded and Safety-Critical Systems

Unit testing is necessary but demands significant time and resources. There’s a better way to successfully address unit testing that’s scalable and effective.

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The Value of Using a Unified C/C++ Testing Solution

Learn how to leverage a comprehensive testing tool to maximize testing ROI.

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Move From Manual Testing to CI/CD

Find out how to seamlessly move to a streamlined CI/CD pipeline that integrates continuous testing.

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Guide to CI/CD for Automotive DevOps

Learn how CI/CD and DevOps can improve productivity in the development of automotive software, and enhance developer and tester effectiveness.

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Top Tips on Unit Testing for Java Developers

Download the whitepaper for a complete rundown of the costs and benefits of unit testing, how to conduct maintainable tests, and save time in the process of evolving your unit test suite.

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Guide to CI/CD for Medical Device SW DevOps

Discover how CI/CD and DevOps can ensure quality and improve productivity in the development of medical device software and also enhance developer and tester effectiveness.

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Guide to API Security

Discover a novel Approach to Comprehensive API Security Testing in this Valuable Guide

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Strategy and Business Case for Test Automation

Learn how to use ROI calculations to derive value in delivering high-quality software. Go beyond the basics of reducing fixes and costs. The real value comes from improving customer retention and acquisition, and even market share growth.

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CI & CD for Embedded Systems

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) combine to form the software development practice of frequent integration (merging smaller build units into apps, services, libraries, or components) and continuous delivery or deployment. The intention is to automate testing software for early detection of build and integration issues and errors.

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