SiBEAM The Future of Wireless Technology - Achieving Gigabit Data Rates

As the need for high quality multimedia, voice and data services rises, so do the communications technology requirements, pointing toward an approaching need for gigabit speeds and longer range connectivity. How do we get there? In conjunction with motivated regulatory agencies in North America, the European Union, and across the Asia-Pacific region that are providing new approaches for spectrum use, new radio systems will evolve which will require significant optimization at the architectural, circuit and algorithm levels. While some approaches such as IEEE 802.11n are improving data rates through increasing efficiency by evolving existing standards, other approaches, such as Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Cognitive radio, are taking much more aggressive strategies, such as sharing spectra with other users. Another approach that will be pursued is to take the time honored strategy of moving to higher, unused frequencies such the 60 GHz millimeter wave band.