Siemon Screened and Shielded Cabling

Screened and shielded twisted-pair copper cabling has been around for quite awhile. A global standard in the 1980s, varieties of screened and shielded have remained a mainstay in some markets, while many others migrated largely to unshielded (UTP) cables. Recently, however, the ratification of the 10GBASE-T standard for 10Gb/s Ethernet over copper cabling has reestablished the commercial viability of screened and shielded systems and fueled greater adoption of these systems in previously UTP centric markets. In this competitive landscape, many confusing and often contradictory messages are finding their way to the marketplace, challenging both cabling experts and end-users alike. This whitepaper addresses the most common questions, issues and misconceptions regarding screened and shielded cabling: