VAREP/AMIMOM Enabling wireless uncompressed HDTV connectivity with a unique video-modem approach: A technical overview

Delivering uncompressed HDTV content wirelessly has become the Holy Grail of wireless video connectivity. Consumers are interested in a wireless connection option for their TVs and projectors in order to make installation easier and more flexible, and to enable simple whole-home connectivity between video sources and displays. Enabling applications such as wireless HDTVs and wireless HD projectors requires delivery of uncompressed HDTV video with video rates as high as 3Gbps (uncompressed 1080p). However, existing and emerging wireless standards, such as 802.11n and UWB, are not capable of delivering such high video rates. This paper introduces a new video-modem approach for wireless video which bridges this gap. This paper will describe this new approach which uses jointsource channel coding to optimize the wireless modem for video delivery. The paper will explain how this video optimization enables more than a 10X improvement when compared to the traditional data-modem method for wireless video, thereby enabling wireless delivery of very high uncompressed video rates with high reliability and with a range that could cover the whole home.