Texas Instruments has a broad portfolio of wireless solutions enabling you to choose the right technology for your application. After the introduction of SimpleLink™ Wifi and SimpleLink™ CC2650 device, the focus will be on TI’s CC1310 Sub-1 GHz device for the IoT. The extremely adaptable SimpleLink™ Sub-1GHz CC1310 wireless MCU includes an ARM® Cortex®-M3 core, ultra-low power RF, peripherals and an integrated sensor controller engine that saves power by waking up the rest of the device only when needed. This is geared towards long range low power applications with 20km on a coin cell. This webinar will include example applications and target markets for long range sub-1 GHz. Key Take-Aways • Learn why long range in important to IoT • How to get long range with just a coin cell battery • Gain an overview of the Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ ULP family Speaker Biography Sverre Hellan moved into a new role as System Engineer HW for the Texas Instruments Low Power Connectivity (LPC) product line in January 2016. He is involved with product definitions for RF transceivers and SoCs working in the sub-1 GHz frequency band. Sverre Hellan has more than 18 years of experience with Low Power Wireless products through his time with Chipcon (acquired by TI in 2006). During this time he has worked 10 years as the applications manager for LPC covering all sub-1 GHz products, 4 years as HW FAE covering both sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz products, and 4 years as an analog designer.