Interview »The use of NAND Flash will grow significantly«

Storage solutions are important for automotive applications like infotainment or navigation, not to mention autonomously operated and connected cars. But, what are the trends in automotive storage? We asked Armin Derpmanns, General Manager, Solution Marketing of Toshiba Electronics Europe.

Which meaning does the embedded world have for Toshiba?

Derpmanns: Just as key advances in the industry such as autonomously operated cars and machines, cyber-physical systems, Internet of Everything and global real time services require key advances in system capabilities, so too do the solutions that Toshiba offers for those requirements. embedded world is an important showcase for these solutions. This year that will include new memory and storage solutions such as 3D NAND, UFS, serial NAND and an enhanced SSD line up; image cognition solutions for automotive; power semiconductor devices; motor control solutions promoting high energy efficiency and easy system set up; ApP Lite for edge and end point IoT; connectivity solutions with TransferJet and Bluetooth; as well as analogue and digital custom solutions facilitating system optimization and integration.

Which trend or movement do you see in Automotive storage?

Derpmanns: There will be a significant growth in the use of NAND flash technology, with the forecasts indicating that this market will rise to a value of 600 million US dollar by 2018. This will be driven by factors such as more intensive driver assistance systems – including use of 3D navigation, multi-layer mapping, voice recognition and speech synthesis – and the growing importance consumers place on in-car media capabilities. Requirements for Internet connection – the so-called connected car – also fuels the need for storage. Increasingly NAND flash demand will be met by e•MMC NAND that combines the NAND host controller and an array of memory management tools within the chip itself.

What is your Automotive highlight on embedded world?

Derpmanns: Toshiba is showing the latest addition to its family of image recognition processors, which is a device for the cost-sensitive entry-level ADAS market for forward sensing systems, targeting the Euro NCAP 2018 standard. Visitors will also be able to see a variety of automotive storage solutions and devices designed to speed the implementation of Ethernet for the connected vehicle.