Luxurious E-Boat up to 50 km/h Yacht with Emission-free Propulsion

Die leistungsstarke »740 Mirage Air« von Frauscher erlaubt es, Schutzzonen zu befahren und die Natur von einer luxuriösen Yacht aus zu genießen.
The powerful "740 Mirage Air" from Frauscher allows you to navigate protected areas and enjoy nature from a luxurious yacht.

The electric version of the yacht »740 Mirage Air« of the Frauscher Bootswerft can travel 33 km with its maximum speed of 50 km/h. The yacht is equipped with a fuel cell and a fuel tank.

With a speed of 10 km/h she can glide silently over the water for more than 10 hours. The yacht is equipped with the 100 kW Deep Blue electric inboard engine and two 40 kWh BMW lithium batteries (type i3).

"The powerful 100 kW propulsion system opens up completely new dimensions in electric mobility on the water," explained Stefan Frauscher, managing partner of Frauscher Bootswerft.

The low-noise Deep Blue 100i 2400 installed in the "Frauscher 740 Mirage Air" was specially developed for fast gliding motorboats. The system has a reliable, low-maintenance direct drive, which is characterized by its performance over the entire power range of up to 2,400 rpm and good torque at low revs. Torqeedo has also adapted the characteristics of the deep blue battery for use in maritime environments and offers up to 9 years warranty on the battery capacity.

Studio KISKA and Thomas Gerzer as well as Harry Miesbauer, hydrodynamics expert, were responsible for the design of the 7.47 metre long yacht. The dynamic lines are reminiscent of the design of a sports car. Inside are the silent, environmentally friendly electric drive, a cooling drawer, user-friendly control surfaces and displays, a large lying surface, electric anchor winch and bow thruster for easy mooring manoeuvres.