First Joint Products at the End of 2019 Why ADI Invests in UnitedSiC

Steve Pietkiewicz, Analog Devices: »Ende des Jahres werden die ersten gemeinsamen Komponenten auf den Markt kommen.«
Steve Pietkiewicz, Analog Devices: »The first common components will come onto the market at the end of the year«.

»With common SiC-FET-based subsystems, we can conquer new markets,« Steve Pietkewicz, Senior VP Power Products at ADI, told Markt&Technik.

Together, the two companies could now define new products and roadmaps. »We are adapting our components precisely to UnitedSiC's silicon carbide transistors to develop end-to-end systems for use in power electronics,« said Steve Pietkewicz, Senior Vice President of Power Products at Analog Devices (ADI), speaking to Markt&Technik.

He expects results soon: »The first joint components will be launched on the market at the end of the year«. UnitedSiC has known Pietkewicz for several years. When Linear Technology was still independent, he had established contact with the company. For two years now, the power team of ADI and UnitedSiC that was formed after the takeover by ADI has been working closely together on the development of SiC components.

ADI has now very consciously invested in this company, which is one of the advantages that the approximately 15 billion dollar takeover of Linear Technology by ADI in 2016 would have brought: »We now have the right size as ADI, before the takeover this would not have been possible«.

Both companies are silent about the size of the investment in UnitedSiC, but it is obviously sufficient for ADI to have a say in the SiC company's strategy in the future.

According to Pietkewicz, the company's SiC FETs and its own power platforms fit well together: »We can open new doors for UnitedSiC through our contacts in the power market, and vice versa we can offer completely new and above all cost-efficient SiC subsystems on the basis of the SiC FETs«.

According to Chris Dries, President and CEO of UnitedSiC, this is due to the fact that our own SiC technology can be easily integrated into ADI's power platforms: »ADI's power team quickly recognized the potential of our technology.«

According to Pietkewicz, ADI's power team had a very close look around the SiC environment and the technology developed by UnitedSiC was unique in terms of both performance and cost structure, such as the »Cascode« technology. Here, an SiC transistor and a silicon MOSFET are housed in a single package so that the SiC transistor can be controlled via the gate voltages known from Si-MOSFETS.