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When will Gaia-X hit the Shopfloor?

24. Juni 2021, 11:20 Uhr   |  Ute Häußler

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SMEs Need to get Gaia-X-fit

Sebastian Lins expresses concerns that by the end of the year, »the big companies will be well prepared«, but SMEs will not. »SMEs should inform themselves and prepare now. The documents are available; a company can already check today if and how it meets the Gaia-X requirements or where work has to be done in order to be compliant.«

»We invite any interested company to participate,« says Simon Tschöke, Head of Research at German Edge Cloud, a Friedhelm Loh Group company and founding member of the Gaia-X organization.

Gaia-X Cloud Edge Digitalisierung Industrie 4.0 IIoT
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Simon Tschöke, Head of Research at German Edge Cloud, says that the core promise of Gaia-X still has to prove itself in practice. There are still many unanswered questions.

Even if the first reference applications are to run via the European cloud network at the end of 2021, Tschöke still sees Gaia-X as a research project. »For the concrete implementation of new, data-driven business models for manufacturers and SMEs, there are many unanswered questions, for example about the monetization of data. Who owns the insights from third-party data analytics or how can data providers be remunerated?« According to Keran Sivalingam, similar questions are also being discussed in the SmartFactory-KL working groups: »In distributed production, who owns the knowledge about the optimal production setting found via AI? With self-learning machines, how can it be ensured that in a follow-up job, the next supplier benefits from the insights?«

»In machine learning, data must flow in anonymously and not allow any conclusions to be drawn via reverse engineering.« For Simon Tschöke, the important thing now is that data protection and sovereignty as the core of Gaia-X »also prove themselves in concrete implementation with the structure that has just been created.«

The EU Blueprint to Digital Sovereignty

With this scenario as given fact, all industries will benefit from Gaia-X, says IBM's Heinz-Joachim Schmitz. »We have made a lot of progress. Are we fast enough? No, we can't be satisfied with the speed. But it is important to look at what is happening overarchingly in Europe right now on digital sovereignty,« says the CTO. »The IPCEI-CIS project on Cloud Infrastructures and Services fuels the Gaia-X ecosystem and aims to lay the cloud-to-edge continuum. With these two projects together, SMEs are able to confidently consume offered services in a Gaia-X compliant infrastructure. We must not just look at what remains operationally to implement the Federation Services. With Gaia-X, IPCEI-CIS, Horizon Europe and many other projects, a kind of blueprint is emerging, and that is what matters. Now we need to make the initiative a success and, together, put the pedal to the metal.«

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