A Question of Brand What Image Do the Drivers of the Individual Brands Have?

Spießig, arrogant, fröhlich, weltoffen – Welches Image haben Autofahrer bestimmter Marken?
Arrogant, cheerful or cosmopolitan - What image do drivers of certain brands have?

What do you think about the drivers of the different car brands? The management consultant Progenium wanted to know and asked about 2000 German citizens. Just like: Show me your car and I'll tell you who you are.

As a Mercedes driver, it's not easy. According to the Progenium study, 70 percent are considered stuffy, 82 percent arrogant, and 73 percent serious – and the Mercedes is also considered a typical male car. For Mini the whole thing looks different: 92 percent of Germans believe that probably a woman is behind the wheel of a Mini brand who is 85 percent cosmopolitan, 87 percent attractive, and 93 percent cheerful. However, they also earn significantly less than the Mercedes men: instead of 3,400 euros, mini-women only receive 2,200 euros net – at least if according to the survey participants' assessment.

These values are the results of a survey of 2,013 representative German citizens over 18 years of age. The survey took place in April and May 2018 and was conducted by the management consultancy Progenium. Michael Mandat, Managing Director of Progenium, is sure: »Who buys which car also has a lot to do with the image of the brand.« According to the mandate, automobile companies are therefore investing billions in brand and marketing in order to create a certain image and thus address special customer groups.

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A Question of Brand

What Image Do the Drivers of the Individual Brands Have?

Progenium now wanted to know what image the Germans associate with 20 selected car brands and to what extent these profiles correspond to the brand messages of the manufacturers.