Light Communication What can light do better than radio?

Dr. Andreas Noack leitet beim Wireless Congress 2018 das Tutorial »Li-Fi«
Dr. Andreas Noack, Fraunhofer IPMS gives the Tutorial »Li-Fi« at the Wireless Congress 2018

Five questions to Dr. Alexander Noack from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS on his tutorial »From Wi-Fi to Li-Fi« at the 15th Wireless Congress 2018 on November 14 in Munich.

Light instead of radio. At the 15th Wireless Congress, Dr. Alexander Noack from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS will present data transmission via light as an alternative to radio communication. His tutorial »From Wi-Fi to Li-Fi« on November 14, 2018 also deals with the question of whether local wireless radio networks can be replaced with wireless light networks.

?   Mister Dr. Noack, what is Li-Fi?

! Dr. Alexander Noack: Li-Fi stands for »Light Fidelity« and means wireless data communication with light.


?   With which goal and for which applications Li-Fi was developed?

!   Dr. Noack: Li-Fi provides several advantages over established wireless data communication solutions which are especially interesting for future data access infrastructure like 5G or beyond: high data rates, high security, no radio frequency interferences, high cell density, real-time capability.



?   Who supports Li-Fi?

!   Dr. Noack: Li-Fi is promoted and supported by several companies in Europe and in the World. There are efforts to standardize Li-Fi in the IEEE and the ITU-T. Beginning of 2018 the first Li-Fi Congress was held in Paris.

?   How can system designer use Li-Fi?

! Dr. Noack: As for other wireless communication technologies you will need a transmitter and a receiver to establish a Li-Fi link.

Usually one will include both in a transceiver-module to allow bidirectional data communication.

The Fraunhofer IPMS transceiver-modules are designed to be seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure for example with standard CAT6 Ethernet cables. Its Plug-and-Play, no software is needed.


?   What will you show in your tutorial at Wireless Congress 2018 and who are you addressing?

!   Dr. Noack: We will go through the Li-Fi communication basics, the pros and cons compared to the established communication technologies as well as some application examples.

It will be an interactive session where we will explore the potential and the limits of Li-Fi communication together.

We will also present some Li-Fi Demonstrators to get in touch with this interesting technology.

Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications
Tutorial 4: From Wi-Fi fo Li-Fi
14 November 2018, 16:30 – 18:00



Dr. Alexander Noack

is working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS since 2011. He is a team leader of the Optical Wireless Communications Group. Dr. Noack studied electrical engineering at the Dresden University of Technology and received his PhD in 2016 in the field of microcontroller-based signal processing.