Horizont Ranking by Advertising Revenue WEKA FACHMEDIEN trade journals among the top

WEKA FACHMEDIEN are broadly represented in the annual Horizont trade magazine ranking according to gross advertising turnover: Several titles make it into the Top 150 ranking.

According to the Horizont-Ranking, Markt&Technik is one of the top 10 most successful German trade magazines. It was even able to improve its sales by 7.5 percent compared to the same period last year and climbed three positions to 6th place. The weekly newspaper is the only trade title in the electronics industry in the top 10 and was one of only two trade titles to increase its sales in the top 20.

The trade journal Elektronik, which is published every two weeks, makes it into the top 20 in the Horizont-Ranking achieving 11th place, closely followed by CRN, the tailor-made trade medium for the ICT channel, with 12th place. Apart from Elektronik, there is no other title among the top 20 that is aimed at the electronics industry.

funkschau, medium for business IT, telecommunications and all facets of digitisation, appears in the ranking with a substantial increase in gross advertising revenue of over four percent, as do Computer&AUTOMATION and LANline. The latter has only been enriching the ICT portfolio of WEKA FACHMEDIEN for a little over a year.

DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK achieved, with over eight percent, the largest increase in gross advertising sales among the WEKA titles represented. Elektronik automotive and elektrobörse can also be proud of higher advertising revenues compared to the same period last year.

According to the Deutsche Fachpresse (German Trade Press Association), more than 5,500 trade journals are published in Germany. There are no more magazines in any country. With a share of 53.7 percent, print continues to be the largest source of revenue for trade publishers. The two business segments Events/Fairs (+ 4.9 percent) and Services (+ 5.8 percent) are the main growth drivers.

With an increase in sales of 1.1 percent, the 2018 statistics of the Deutsche Fachpresse again show the stable and future-oriented position of the German trade media industry. However, the change in media consumption makes it necessary to no longer think in terms of a single media channel, but increasingly in terms of a holistic approach and a broader positioning. Trade journal Horizont certifies the greatest success to those B-to-B publishers who know how to complement their print business with other activities, from events to trade fair business, to packaged offers and services. However, the most important success factor, across all media channels, is editorial excellence that stand for serious, trustworthy content.

WEKA FACHMEDIEN sets a good example here: The individual titles not only invest a lot in their editorial offices, but also publish the daily newspapers for important trade fairs such as Electronica, Productronica, Embedded World, and SPS IPC Drives as official media partners. In addition, WEKA FACHMEDIEN has for many years been organizing national and international B2B trade congresses, tech forums, symposia and intensive seminars on topics such as automation, Automotive Ethernet, battery technology, components, Blockchain, wiring systems, data centers, digital workplaces, embedded, EMC, HMI, Safety & Security, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, medical technology, RF energy, Smart Building, sensors, power supplies, Time Sensitive Networks, wireless and cabling concept.

Marc Adelberg's appointment as Customer Brand Manager also confirms that the publishing house wants to offer its customers added value with content and creative competence. His new tasks include supporting clients with PR services, creating advertising materials, event management, social media concepts, film productions, speaker placement, trade fair concepts (including virtual trade fairs), media planning, lead generation and CI consulting.


Source: Horizont 20/2019, https://www.deutsche-fachpresse.de/markt-studien/fachpresse-statistik/