Interview with Rohde & Schwarz “We want to become a one-stop test equipment provider for 5G”

Markets, Roadmaps and Strategies

What will be the most important markets for 5G – and therefore for you? 
There is a lot of interest in 5G technology in many parts of the world. We expect early commercialization in the USA, Korea and China. 5G fixed wireless access services have actually been commercially available in the USA since early October. Japan has set a clear goal of offering 5G services in time for the Olympic Games in 2020. In Europe as well – driven in part by Industry 4.0 applications – we expect to see commercial networks in 2020. However, the 5G communications products whose availability depends on our T&M equipment may be developed for markets different than those where 5G was initially launched. Our target markets are where our customers are. 

Tell us about your 5G strategy and product roadmap? 
We realized early on what T&M equipment requirements would arise from 5G technology. We are continuously developing the T&M equipment needed to develop and manufacture 5G base stations, devices and chipsets. We are focusing on OTA measurement solutions that pose the greatest T&M challenges for us and our customers and developing products such as the R&S PWC200 plane wave converter. We already offer the T&M equipment needed to operate a commercial 5G mobile network. Parallel operation of 5G with LTE as an anchor is a key market requirement. In close cooperation with our customers, we are continuously enhancing and future-proofing our solutions in line with the further development of 5G technology. Just like with LTE, we will be a single-source provider of 5G T&M equipment for the entire value added chain of 5G products. In the further development of 5G and our portfolio, we will benefit from our in-house expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, broadcast and media, and radiomonitoring.

What goals have you set? 
It is a Rohde & Schwarz tradition to develop long-lasting, high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers and the market. We want to be a one-stop T&M equipment supplier for our 5G customers and further expand our leading role in 4G T&M equipment, for which we see a large demand in the coming years. (nw) n

The interview was conducted by Nicole Wörner.