Production & Maintenance 4.0 Using Skype with Data Glasses

Skype and conference calls are now possible with Ubimax data glasses.

Microsoft's business solution for VoIP calls is available on both Windows and Android-based data glasses. Multi-user and Skype-for-Business calls open up new training and remote collaboration opportunities for customers worldwide.

Thanks to the new multi-user function, Ubimax customers can communicate with an unlimited number of participants. This helps companies with training situations or solving complex problems. In addition, external experts can be consulted within the Ubimax solution. This guarantees the confidentiality of the call even if the caller is not from your own network. Multi-user calls are possible in Ubimax's remote support solution xAssist.

The proven functions of xAssist are fully supported. In addition, xAssist can now be started directly from any application of the Ubimax Frontline Suite - similar to the Microsoft Office principle, where an Excel table can easily be embedded in PowerPoint or Word. Accordingly, problems in ongoing logistics or manufacturing processes can be solved in a precise fashion with the help of the remote support solution.

With the current release, xAssist also enables comprehensive documentation of the call contents. These can be generated as call logs including comments as pdf files at any time.

Thanks to the global cloud-based approach of the release, employees can make multi-user or Skype-for-Business calls from different locations at any time. Customers who have to use Microsoft's VoIP service due to internal company requirements are given the option with the release. Skype-for-Business can be integrated as a stand-alone component into any frontline solution. It offers customers an alternative remote support functionality and can be integrated into any workflow using the Frontline Creator. Customers can take advantage of the proven benefits of the Microsoft solution.

The new features are now available for both Windows and Android-based data glasses.