Drone-Recognition System | Aaronia Trump and Kim Met Under a Drone Cloak

Das Gipfeltreffen zwischen Donald Trump und Kim Jong Un fand unter dem Schutz eines Drohnen-Abwehrsystem statt - entwickelt wurde es in Deutschland.
The summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took place under the protection of a drone defense system - it was developed in Germany.

At the summit meeting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, a drone-detection system from Germany was used. It analyses the control signals of the drones and works with AI-supported algorithms.

The system detects drones by their RF emissions. It determines the number, position, and direction of flight over a distance of up to 15 kilometers with a 360-degree coverage. The drone model can also be deduced from the spectrum analysis.

Technically, it is based on a 3D tracking antenna array, a UWB radio receiver, and AI-based software for signal analysis. The Data is prepared as a live situation display with 3D flight plot. Depending on the type of antenna used – either an array with 8 or 16 antennas – the measuring uncertainty in the detection of the flight direction is 4 to 6 ° or 2 to 3 °.

Defense Against Drones on the Rise

The system was developed by Aaronia AG from Strickscheid, Rhineland-Palatinate, and is attracting a growing interest. In addition to plant safety officers, airport operators, and organizers of major events who want to protect larger areas from unauthorized drone overflights, politicians have also discovered the technology for themselves.

At the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore, Aaronia's UAV detection system Aartos was used, the company reports. Managing Director Thorsten Chmielus expects to see increased international interest in drone defense technology.