5G Standardization These are the Leading Companies

Even though 3GPP has more than 600 members, 13 leading companies dominate the 5G standardization process.

The most active company is Huawei, followed by Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and China Mobile, according to Strategy Analytics in its latest study "Who Are the Leading Players in 5G Standardization? An Assessment for 3GPP 5G Activities". For 3GPP Release 15 and Release 16, 13 companies delivered more than 78 percent of the papers and led 77 percent of the work items and study items.

"3GPP plays a central role within global 5G standardization. By analyzing the contributions of the respective companies, we can estimate how they position themselves in this environment and what influence they exert," said Guang Yabg, Director of Strategy Analytics.  Phil Kendall, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, adds: "The idea behind the standardization process is that of cooperation within the industry, not competition. 3GPP standardization continues to develop dynamically. It is expected that new players and new market requirements will have a relatively strong impact on 3GPP Release 17".