Media Cube Brings History to Life The Time Machine

Das 360-Grad-Erlebnis des „TimeCube“ entsteht durch eine aufwendig geplante Installation neuester Multimediatechnik in einem begehbaren Würfel.
The 360-degree experience of the "TimeCube" is the result of an elaborately planned installation of the latest multimedia technology in a walk-in cube.

On 116 OLED screens, the TimeCube allows visitors to the Saxon State Garden Show in Frankenberg to immerse themselves in the past, present and future.

Since April 2019, the Saxon State Garden Show in Frankenberg near Chemnitz has opened its doors. One of its attractions will be permanently open to visitors to the city of Central Saxony even after the exhibition ends on 6 October 2019: the "TimeCube" for audiovisual time travel in the past, present and future of the Frankenberg region.

The development of the TimeCube goes back to the exhibition and scenography office leisureworkgroup from Hamburg, which has also been commissioned by the city of Frankenberg to design the new industrial and adventure museum ZeitWerkStadt. In close cooperation between the leisureworkgroup and PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH, a spectacular answer to the ever-increasing visitor demands in urban space was created.

TimeCube" is an elaborately planned installation of current multimedia technology in a walk-in cube. The heart of the system is formed by 116 OLED screens from the manufacturer LG, which together show an image resolution of over 4000 pixels in height and width on each side of the cube. The matching room-filling sound is provided by an audio system from K-Array - practically invisible behind the OLED panels. The content for the five-minute journey through Frankenberg's time comes from 32 UHD players. Screens, loudspeakers and UHD players are synchronized - a special challenge for the installation of devices and network technology.

This is because the control threads for the entire system converge in a single technical cabinet. The system works automatically according to schedule for the exhibition and subsequent operation. For the opening at 9 o'clock in the morning, the system starts up automatically and switches itself off just as automatically at 19 o'clock in the evening to close the cube. These and other functions can be continuously monitored or configured by the staff on site via a touch display. Here it is also possible to play content such as current visitor information onto the additional 3.5 m² LED info wall at the front of the cube.

Visitors to the Saxon State Garden Show 2019 will find the TimeCube installation in the large flower hall that used to be used for industrial production. At the end of the horticultural show, craftsmen and technicians will once again come here to create a whole adventure museum for industrial and urban history around the Cube. In addition to the multimedia cube on the ground floor, the upper floor of the hall will also develop into another attraction in Frankenberg.